idarklight’s 2015 in dramas

Despite a weak first six months, 2015 produced some of the best dramas in years. Here are some of my top picks. What are yours?

Best Make-up and Styling: Empress of China: Wu Zetian

As the woman with probably the  most outfits in drama history, Wu Zetian’s stylist also does a great job of making Fan Bingbing look gorgeous in all outfits and ages, many of the stylings being based on history.


Best production design: Nirvana in Fire

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Tang Yan, Rain, Luo Jin, Dilireba sparkle in Diamond Lover

Tang Yan and Rain join forces once more in upcoming drama Diamond Lover 克拉恋人, although Luo Jin and  Dilireba totally steal the show for me with Dilireba as the ditzy and aggressive celeb who falls for an awkward regular guy.   Watch them be cute in the trailer below.