Zhang Jiuling, Wang Jiulong bring modern humor to traditional comedy

While they look like they could be the latest boyband duo, Zhang Jiuling and Wang Jiulong are a crosstalk duo known for their poetry, high output of original works, and synchronized kuaiban.

First you slander, then you apologize.  Then, stand on high moral ground and judge everything, and that’s how you get famous. I even wrote the press release for you.
“I, Wang Jiulong, has attacked plenty of celebrities and now my life is in danger, but my partner deserves none of the blame. …
Sure I’m just a comedian, but if I weren’t trying to promote our culture, increase national pride, and reduce the invasion of foreign influences, I wouldn’t have been going around slandering people. At first sight, my crosstalk works are spreading joy and love, but on the grand scale of things, they’re letting the world know what is Made in China.”

-Zhang Jiuling teaching Wang Jiulong how to be famous in their satire

Meet the latest and hippest duo in town as they debuted on TV this summer.  While other xiangsheng/crosstalk artists like Zhang Yunlei specialize in traditional arts,  25-year-old Zhang Jiuling and 24-year-old Wang Jiulong are on top of the latest trends. In addition to releasing their own rap song with The Rap of China’s Hui Zi, their newest original piece is a brilliant satire of ways to get famous in the entertainment world with digs at artists who beef for fame and those who use “made in China” as an excuse for poor quality. If you follow Chinese entertainment, it’s hilarious and full of memorable lines such as  “How will people get to know your comedy if you don’t have a tragic backstory?”

Here are some random facts about them:

  • The two are great at synchronized kuaiban, but have also tried rapping with beatbox. Watch a segment of their kuaiban below and one of their best skits with kuaiban with Chinese subtitles here. More  Chinese subtitled programs here, though my favorite program of theirs is definitely their unsubtitled entertainment industry skit here.
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“I only want to be your supporting actor” – the story of Zhang Yunlei and Yang Jiulang

“When I was in the Intensive Care Unit, he promised me … ‘ In the future, whatever makes you happy, whatever you want to do, go do it and  I’ll follow you.’ ” – Zhang Yunlei

Yang Jiulang kept his word.  According to a director of a variety show,  in the two years since Zhang Yunlei came out of the ICU, Yang Jiulang completely molded himself to fit Zhang Yunlei.

He would wheel him around in a wheelchair off stage and be his crutch on stage.  He would stay up until 3am waiting for word that Zhang Yunlei got home safely from filming.   He doesn’t even hand Zhang Yunlei water without first unscrewing the cap. He almost never sings but knows the lyrics to every song Zhang Yunlei sings on stage.  If Zhang Yunlei wants him to sing, all Zhang Yunlei has to do was to stop mid-sentence and look to the left, and Yang Jiulang will finish his sentence without missing a beat.

From love at first meal, two miraculous comebacks, learning to walk three times,  to plenty of foreshadowing and climaxes, the story of singer-comedian Zhang Yunlei and his partner Yang Jiulang unfolds as if it were a carefully constructed drama. Zhang Yunlei’s life story is a miracle in itself, but the story of their journey together is a fitting parallel plot.

*warning* Because they’re comedians, everything they say is a lie or a hyperbole.   I will try to stick to off-stage interviews here, but I hold no responsibility for recounting lies they fed me.

“If fate be willing, we will be together “

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Ten Quotes of Love by Zhang Yunlei X Yang Jiulang

” May we never again face separation in neither life nor death.  Thank you to all the powers that be that let me still  be by your side. ”    – Yang Jiulang to Zhang Yunlei

Here are ten off-stage exchanges between the  most romantic and dramatic duo, singer-comedian Zhang Yunlei and his partner Yang Jiulang. Their on-stage lines are also super cute (ex: “I don’t need friends, just Yang Jiulang. ”  “It’s not that I can’t play the lead, but I just want to be the supporting actor to you.”)

If you’re interested in seeing them live, they will be headlining their first overseas event in New Zealand and Australia this September. More info here.

“It’s not that I can’t play the lead, but I just want to be the supporting actor to you.” – Yang Jiulang (while in-character)

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Australia to host Zhang Yunlei, Yang Jiulang’s first overseas headlining events

You might not be able to tell by his talk or gait, but Zhang Yunlei has lived with 108 iron nails inside his body for two years after surviving a 20m (65 ft) fall (he was drunk). The nails were only removed a month ago.

One of last year’s biggest breakout pop idols, xiangsheng comedian, Ping opera, Peking opera , xiaoqu, etc. artist  Zhang Yunlei and his partner Yang Jiulang will finally be headlining their first international event this year.  The pair will be at the Melbourne Convention Centre on September 23, The Star Event Centre in Sydney on September 29, and in Auckland on the 26th. 

Tickets for Sydney are already on sale through Wechat (QR code below), and tickets for Melbourne go on sale at noon local time on April 20th here. Tickets for Auckland go on sale on the 23rd here.

The closest thing xiangsheng has gotten to a concert. 


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