The Song of Desert has a release date

… so I guess we’ll finally “hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon”

Desert Melody The Legend of the Moon and Stars Pocohantas?!? (actually more literally “Destiny Amid the Wind” but still… WTF?!?) The Song of Desert has a release date.  Notice the period… omg… this has dragged on so long and I’m so uninspired.  According to official Hunan TV/Tangren Weibo’s,  mark your calendars for October 8th, fans of Liu Shishi, Eddie Peng, and Hu Ge.  If they swallow their words, prepare to put some money together to get some ipecac to make them spit it out again because this is so not funny.  Personally, I think television network darling Yu Zheng kinda needs this drama to take off so his Song in the Clouds Love Yunge from the Desert can.

Another still below the cut (Hey!  I tried!! >:(  ).

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“Desert Melody” finally gets approval to air, continues to lack HQ posters

Does better quality stills mean an impending release?

I am getting this through indirect sources since I can’t really read Chinese.  Therefore, I’m not 100% sure if this is true so don’t shoot the messenger but according to  UDN  , The Song of Desert or Desert Melody, starring Liu Shishi, Eddie Peng, and Hu Ge, may be airing first in Taiwan as opposed to the mainland due to delays and the way contracts ended up being signed.  According to the source, the show was approved for airing in mainland late last year and have since then been brought by Taiwan’s CTI (Don’t all jump at once).  Hunan’s local entertainment channel also reported an impending broadcasting date.

On the other hand, the internet community can probably start preparing and give a cry of joy (or start calling all channels involved to try to boycott it again).  Apparently, no news on a release date yet but hopefully this means we’ll be seeing something sooner?  More released posters whose quality may mirror the likelihood of the drama ever airing in our lifetime below the cut.

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“Legend of the Moon and Stars” travels forward in time, releases trailer


Not to be outdone by Yu Zheng’s sequel “Cloud Ballad,” Shanghai Tangren releases a trailer.  source

After being set back a few hundred years, will Liu Shishi, Eddie Peng, and Hu Ge‘s  Legend of the Moon and Stars (formerly Desert Melody) finally air? The series about a girl raised by the wolf who becomes entangled in an ethnic war recently released a 15-minute trailer  in an attempt to sell itself next year, hopefully in time to air before its sequel Cloud Song by rival Yu Zheng.

It seems the period, originally set in the time of its male lead   Huo Qubing ,  has been re-worked into the Southern Dynasties following the fall of the Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period.  Though costuming may conflict with the new “period,” let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Which drama do you think will do the Han Dynasty best: The Virtuous Queen of Han, Cloud Song, Realm of Love, or Legend of the Moon and Stars?

Desert Melody will be broadcast as Legend of the Moon and Stars

 photo 20130419124135_12817_zpsfa3aef71.jpg

Now that it’s finally gotten SARFT approval, look forward to more high quality stills.

The upcoming drama starring Hu Ge, Liu Shishi, and Eddy Peng Desert Melody finally got the okay from SARFT, albeit as “Legend of the Sun and Moon” instead. The characters have had their names changed and the setting removed from the Han dynasty. jjss08 may be in the minority of people rejoicing not because it’s getting broadcast, but because it’s being de-historified. (As Yu Zheng did not anger SARFT or break rules with regards to his adaptation of Desert Melody’s sequel, Song in the Clouds, it would be too much to hope that Song in the Clouds will also be distanced from history). Since historical mainland dramas have to have some root in history (unless they deviate too much, in which case SARFT derailing happens) or be categorized as fantasy/wuxia, it seems that Legend of Moon and Stars has moved into the latter. As a reminder – Liu Shishi is a wolf girl who meets and falls in love with Hu Ge’s handsome scholar, but is pursued by Eddy Peng. Though, don’t worry, Hu Ge is also totally into her special shining eyes too. Cute cartoons of Liu Shishi’s costumes here.

Fortunately for Tangren, Chinese dramas (this one included) are almost always dubbed. The original name lives on in the theme song, Desert Melody, sung by Lan Yu and Wang Lin (here). Look below the cuts for stills that jjss08 can now share without snobby disdain. Continue reading

Desert Melody stills of wolf-girl Liu Shishi


Liu Shishi and her wolf ready to lay siege on SARFT the next time they mess with her dramas again.

Wolf-girl Liu Shishi meets the dashing young general played by Eddie Peng in the first stills of new Shanghai Tangren drama Desert Melody 大漠谣. Liu Shishi plays a girl raised by the wolves in the deserts of the West who falls for the famous Han-dynasty general Huo Qubing in this series adapted from the book of the same name by author Tonghua (BuBuJingXin).  The drama has yet been approved by SARFT due to accusations of defamation of Huo Qubing.

Fellow Tangren series Xuanyuan Sword: Scar of Heaven 轩辕剑之天之痕 has been much more lucky, finally airing this week in Hunan TV’s new weekly slot (two eps a day on Friday and Saturdays) this week. The gorgeous cast of Jiang Jinfu, Liu Shishi, Hu Ge, Gulnazar, Tang Yan, Lin Gengxin, Ma Tianyu and Lv Yi has so far not disappointed. Liu Shishi’s acting has always been improving, and her portrayal of Tuoba Yu’er is already so much more natural than her equally sassy role in Strange Hero Yi Zhimei. Watch the first four eps on YouTube here thanks to cko1o@YouTube.