30 actresses and singers join girl group reality show

Ning Jing

Now this is my type of show! Woman Like Me / Sisters Who Make Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐 (lit. translation) is aimed at forming a mature-age girl group, and I am loving all the contestants (full list below) and producer Huang Xiaoming after watching the first episode.

The variety show airs every Friday at 12pm on Mango TV, and will be up on YouTube shortly thereafter.

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Weibo Wednesday: April 13, 2016

A quick Weibo roundup this time, but with a good share of celebs getting silly, celebs getting hitched, and one celeb getting mistaken for his spouse’s parent.

Zhao Liying channeling her inner dragon

赵丽颖: 我是龙的传人

Some of you have probably heard of the song “Descendants of the Dragon” (龙的传人), originally written by Hou Dejian and later covered by several artists including Wang Leehom. Well, it seems being a descendant of the dragon also means having a voracious appetite, as adorably depicted by Zhao Liying.

I’m a descendant of the dragon

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Della Ding Sings for “Legend of Moon and Stars”

Liu Shishi in Legend of the Moon and Stars

Liu Shishi adamantly keeps quiet about the broadcast date for Legend of the Moon and Stars.

Legend of the Moon and Stars (星月传奇), which stars Liu Shishi, Eddie Peng, and Hu Ge, recently gave us its ending theme, titled “Ancient Poem of Old Age” (白头吟). The MV, which is embedded below, is not really anything special (and it looks like someone went crazy with the artistic filters in Photoshop in the beginning), but Della Ding is always worth listening to when it comes to drama soundtracks.

Legend, which is also known as The Song of Desert, is based off Tong Hua‘s book Desert Melody (大漠谣). The series finished filming in 2012, but its broadcast was delayed because of protests of its treatment of history. It’s been rumored that Dragon TV will begin airing Legend of the Moon and Stars in June or August, but so far, no official broadcast date has been announced.

The MV for “Ancient Poem of Old Age” below, as well as a handful of new stills behind the cut:

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