Palace: The Lost Daughter Releases Trailers

Welcome to the Forbidden City vintage-Addams-Family-style.

Yu Zheng has done it again, releasing a 14-minute trailer for the latest addition to his “Palace” series.  Palace: The Lost Daughter stars Yuan Shanshan, Yang Rong, Lu Yi, Dai Jiaoqian, as well as appearances from Madina Memet (New My Fair Princess fame) and Chen Xiao.  Ensuring that this latest addition will match up to the rest of the series, Yu Zheng has ensured this 45-episodedrama will include plenty of attempts at awe-inspiring but unrealistic fights and special effects as well as expanding what we can mix wuxia elements with.

However, SINCE it is a Yu Zheng drama you have to remember that there is a price to the prettiness and feats he can dish out.  Go in expecting plenty of birth secrets, flirting with the border of incest, OMG it’s raining flowers = romance, crying, screaming, squirming,  as well as Yu Zheng  catching onto the recent trend of darker characters.  I just want to send a psychiatrist back in time with a good load of Valium to help these poor souls.

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Mermaid Zhao Liying swims, smiles, and scores

Zhao Liying trying really hard to smile, but all she really wants is to be with Chen Xiao again, which’ll be soon as their movie gets ready to air next month.

Despite the doubious CGI and underwater fashion, Zhao Liying‘s Mermaid Legend 追鱼传奇 turned out to be much more cute than one would’ve expected from its trailer.

Zhao Liying plays a carp fish who’s training to become a dragon, and you’re constantly reminded of her fishiness whenever she puffs her mouth in the most adorable and least annoying way possible. After upsetting the Dragon King, she must proof the joys of human love by helping  Kenny Kwan’s character get married to his betrothed (Dai Jiaoqian), who unfortunately turned out to be from a gold-digging family who want her to be the crowned princess. Added in the mix are mini-detective stories as Kenny Kwan’s character passes his time  solving crimes, with the occasional help from the great Justice Bao himself.

The series airs two episodes per day on Saturdays and Sundays on Hunan TV, with its cast going on Happy Camp this week.

Palace III: releases stills


Could Yuan Shanshan finally be getting a real lead role? Or will she be edged out like in The Swordsman by another homosexual-turned-heterosexual relationship?

Following Palace I and II, Palace III: The phoenix returns/Lian Cheng tells of a (shock) birth mix-up that has the real princess (Yuan Shanshan) replaced with a commoner (Lu Yi) for inheritance reasons.    The new drama from Yu Zheng Workshops features Lu Yi, Yuan Shanshan, Yang Rong, Gao Yunxiang, Alyssa Chia, Dai Jiaoqian,  and Wang Lin.

More stills below the cut and here.
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