Crowd Lu Releases Album

Crowd Lu released his album Seven Days yesterday. There’s a lot of things frustrating me with C-entertainment, particularly Cpop lately, which ranges from the way the market is being taken advantaged of, to the  way Chinese people abroad seem to look down on their own culture, dissing it for not being trendy enough, and then saying it’s copying others if it does dare to diversify. Why does such a big country with so many languages, so many minorities, so many different centers of entertainment from Changsha to Shanghai, not to mention very different entertainment influences from Hong Kong and Taiwan need to pigeonhole itself in style?

But there are constants that never fail to make me smile, and Crowd is one of them. So today, in a cathartic measure, I’m posting everything that does make me smile in C-entertainment.

Crow Lu – Oh Yeah!!! MV

Crowd Lu – High Notes Not Even a Bus Could Run Over


So I’m feeling a little indie today, because there’s been a little bit too much pop lately. Think of it as a catharsis if you will. Crowd Lu Guangzhong, or Vitas Lu is fairly well known but compared to all the pop stars, he still needs a lot more loving so I’m going to do an introduction to him anyway, since I wanted to do a post on him for a while, but haven’t and here’s a ready-made article that reads pretty well on his intangible appeal to the masses. Plus he’s just really cute in that adorkable way. I really love how you can look like anything in the Taiwanese music industry and still be really famous as long as you’ve got the music to back it up.