Wang Kai voices the story of Wuhan’s 76-day quarantine as it comes to an end

As Wuhan opens up on April 7th, actor and Wuhan-native Wang Kai voices a story of medical professionals, workers, and ordinary people coming together to pull through in the 76 days that Wuhan was under quarantine.

Wang Kai, whose mother had planned to visit him on set for Chinese New Year before being stuck in Wuhan, had previously donated 2million RMB to Wuhan hospitals and charities in addition to dozens of ventilators. He also recorded for the cubicle hospital radio service to support those in them.

Han Hong thanks celebrities fighting the coronavirus on the front lines

As Wuhan lists zero new cases and all 14 temporary ark hospitals have closed down, singer-philanthropist Han Hong released a letter of thanks for her team of celebrities who have been working themselves to purchase and transport supplies to Wuhan over the past 57 days. The team has sent 200 negative pressure ambulances, seven ECMO’s, 1849 ventilators, 363374 protective suits, 1.5 million pairs of gloves, 3.5 million medical waste bags, 4 million N95and surgical masks, 55k sanitary pads, among many other supplies.

Many of these celebrities went to factories themselves to secure supplies, while Yi Yangqianxi even requested to go to Wuhan himself to literally move supplies before Han Hong hanged up him.

Han Hong announced that in the future, the team will instead focus on helping families affected by COVID-19.

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Chinese dramas back in production as coronavirus slows down in China

Love in the Flames of War had filmed for less than a week when the coronavirus caused the drama to hit pause, but has resumed filming last week.

While productions in the rest of the world are just beginning to shut down due to the coronavirus, many Chinese dramas have begun shooting again after a two-month hiatus. Since film and TV shooting have the unique problem of requiring actors to not wear masks during their normal jobs, they began working a little later than most in China with extra precautions for the crew. Here is a list of some of the dramas back for production:

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