City of Hopeless Love’s concept art and stills for “Thirteenth Moon”

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Ye Zhen, the female lead of the series, is played by Lin Yuan and has yet to make an appearance in the stills. Isn’t this gorgeous?

Concept art is gorgeous; artists can get away with colorful costumes and unusual hair coloring much more easily than directors can. You can enjoy some gorgeous art for City of Hopeless Love (more here) at the end of the post. (Loads of stills under the cut today). 

On another note, stills for Guo Zhenni‘s chapter, “Thirteenth Moon,” have recently been released. Guo Zhenni plays a pair of twin sisters, one who is the assassin Yingge. Her sister marries her first love, while the male lead of this subplot accidentally marries Yingge. Although he finds out about the deception, he ends up wholly in love with her (within three days!?). He becomes willing sacrifice all for her; ie,  protecting her man(?) and ultimately dying of poison in order to protect her. I’m waiting for the actual drama to come out to learn where the dream weaving comes in. Continue reading

“Mei Ren Xin Ji” and “Di Ren Jie” Concept Art


Let’s indulge in one of my favorite aspects of the movie/drama making process which is the concept art (the non-CG concept art). There is a simple beauty in the sketches of the characters. A few strokes of a pencil, and it becomes the first visualization of a full-fledged character. “Mei Ren Xin Ji”  (translates roughly to Calculating Beauties) which is a 50 million yuan drama production revolving around three shrewd women, the much coveted lead role played by Ruby Lin, and two secondary female leads played byWang Likun (Infernal Lovers) and Yang Mi (Chinese Paladin 3).

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