A chance to dance with Wang Leehom (and Justin Timberlake will be there too)

Justin Timberlake is embarrassed to be overdressed for the occasion, so he's avoiding direct eye contact. Wang Leehom, on the other hand, is more confident. He doesn't mind that he's dressed like General Zod from Superman II. "Look how parallel to the ground I can hold this cup," his eyes seem to say.

Justin Timberlake is embarrassed to be overdressed for the occasion, so he’s avoiding direct eye contact. Wang Leehom, on the other hand, is more confident. He doesn’t mind that he’s dressed like General Zod from Superman II. “Look how parallel to the ground I can hold this cup,” his eyes seem to say.

I started following everybody’s favourite Taiwanese-American superstar on Twitter recently. Did you know that KevJumba is going to be in an action movie with that Asian guy from Glee this year? Quirky stuff.
In unrelated news, Wang Leehom recently got a new Twitter account. He tweets pretty frequently, so you have to sift through a lot of junk tweets to get to the good, meaty stuff. I mean, apparently it was his birthday on Saturday. As if we were paying attention to that. And his wife is five months pregnant with his first-born child? Really, come now.

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Anyway, the now-38-year-old and father-to-be (happy birthday and congratulations from us, by the way) is giving his physically coordinated fans the chance to perform with him on stage at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing on 14 June, where Justin Timberlake will also appear as a special guest. For those of you who can dance, here are the details: Continue reading

Register for The Voice of China auditions (the real one, not the fake ones)

Bye bye, Harlem. We won't miss your sleeveless tees. Oh, those sleeveless tees...

Bye bye, Harlem. We won’t miss your sleeveless tees. Oh, those sleeveless tees…

There have been reports of fake Voice of China auditions taking place in parts of Northeast China, where hopeful singers were charged a fee to perform before a panel of equally fake “producers.” The scam was apparently incredibly realistic, with official Voice of China and sponsorship logos adorning the set and promotional materials, and even a replica of the iconic “V” hand statue. The real producers of the show issued a reminder that Voice of China auditions are always free to enter.

Already registered for The Voice of China 2014 auditions? No? Well, why not?
Online registrations for the upcoming Voice of China season opened earlier this month. If your excuse for not signing up is that you were too busy waiting for the I Am A Singer finale, but were so disappointed by its execution that you lost faith in reality singing contests altogether… then you’re excused. For everyone else, get your applications in. More details below.

The third season of the top-rated singing show is scouring for new mentors after the departure of Harlem Yu. Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau reportedly declined the RMB30 million (US$4.8 million) offer to fill the swivel chair, citing scheduling conflicts with filming Huayi Brothers’ next movie, Lost and Lonely 失孤. Wang Leehom, with concerts, film promotions and an album release later this year, also turned down the role. Rumours now suggest Taiwanese industry veteran Jonathan Lee is in talks to replace Harlem.

Need motivation to audition for The Voice? Yao Beina, second-season contestant and “Let It Go” singer, commands appearance fees in the seven-figures (RMB1,000,000 = US$160,000). And she didn’t even make it into the finals, so how about that. If you want to be the next her, here’s what you have to do: Continue reading

Drawing competition! Design the next Chinese Santa Claus and win $50,000(ish)

Gather 'round, all your creative folks. Here's your chance to win a ton of cash.

Gather ’round, all your creative folks. Here’s your chance to win a ton of cash.

Christmas has Santa. Easter has the Easter Bunny. And now one comics studio wants you to create a mascot for Chinese New Year. Tianjin Creator World Comics, most well known for its Romance of the Three Kingdoms graphic novel series, launched the “Spring Wawa International Comic Character Creative Design Competition” in South Korea earlier this month. The prolixly titled contest is seeking design submissions from around the globe for an iconic mascot to accompany the Chinese New Year season.

The “Spring Wawa” name derives from “Spring Festival 春节,” the common name for the Lunar New Year in China, and “Wawa 娃娃,” meaning doll or baby. Contest organisers hope this mascot will help promote the festive season and, a bit like Santa, encourage shoppers to spend more.

In a quirky twist, one of the competition judges is Peter Vesterbacka, the creator of Angry Birds. The competition is also being held in cooperation with Rovio Entertainment, the game’s developer. What are the chances we’ll be seeing some Spring Wawa/Angry Birds crossovers next year?

If you need a little motivation to get your creative juices flowing, the total prize pool for this competition is RMB690,000 (more than US$110,000). The first prize winner will receive RMB300,000. Ten silver prize winners will receive RMB10,000 each, and 20 bronze prize winners will receive RMB5,000 each. Additionally, 30 “excellence in creative design” winners will each receive RMB3,000, while the best organisation prize offers RMB10,000 to ten winners.
Winners will also receive trophies and certificates (though, let’s be honest, we’re a lot more interested in the money at this point).

More information on the competition is available on the official website. The English there can be a little bit wonky, so here’s a rundown of the stuff you need to know if you’re thinking about entering. Continue reading