Ne Zha dethrones Zootopia to become the first domestic animation to top the Chinese box office since 1995

Ne Zha’s celebration poster pays tributes to many of its predecessors and reads “For domestic animation, one large step is still only the first step of many.”

In eight days, animated film Ne Zha has made 1.530 billion RMB at the box office, dethroning Zootopia to become the highest-grossing animated film in Chinese box office history, the first domestic film to do so since The Lion King became the first Hollywood animated film to re-enter the market in 1995.

Ne Zha, which has been smashing records since day one, is currently predicted to make 4.5 billion RMB, almost three times that of the previous record holder. The animated film, the first feature produced start-to-finish by new powerhouse Coloroom, is the first of a series of films loosely based on Chinese mythology. Between this and successes like The Monkey King series and White Snake, could this mark the revival of Chinese animation?