Song in the Clouds may actually be releasing soon

My main gripe with idol dramas and lots of Yu Zheng’s dramas is that at some point, I start singing “If I Only Had a Brain” nonstop… let’s hope that doesn’t happen again… even if I end up only clicking through this one… >.<

Song in the Clouds looks to be having a possible release on September 13th.  Starring Angelababy, Lu YiChen Xiao, Yang Rong, Du Chun,  and Su Qing, those who are still waiting for this drama will hopefully finally be able to see it air.  Stills, promotional trailers, music, and Yu Zheng’s usual barrage of promotional materials have been released.

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Song in the Clouds releases another trailer

At least it would be amazing of Yu Zheng got sued on this one as well…

Song in the Clouds has released a new trailer.  Starring Angelababy, Lu YiChen Xiao, Yang Rong, Du Chun,  and Su Qing, those still following Tong Hua’s novel adaptations can probably rejoice since this one seems to feature more than just Chen Xiao and Angelababy.

Song in the Clouds releases theme song

Leave it to Yu Zheng to market his drama by including the name of the original novel in the lyrics.

Li Yuchun’s theme song for Song in the Clouds has been released.  Starring Angelababy, Lu Yi, Chen Xiao, Du Chun, Yang Rong, and Su Qing, the series follow the plot of the popular Tonghua novel by the same name.   Tonghua’s Desert Melody, now known as Legend of the Moon and Stars in its drama form,  is the  inferior prequel.   Anyways, more stills below the cut.

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Stunning stills released from Cloud Song

 photo 704_1008554_340796_zpsb32996b1.jpg

Yang Rong holds her own without a problem. Why are the stills so beautiful?

Based off a book by Tong Hua and produced by Yu Zheng, Yun Zhong Ge (Cloud Song) has began to release numerous stills. It is set to broadcast in 2014.

There is now the possibility I will be tricked into watching this production because of how gorgeous the stills are; how perfect the still where Liu Bingyi (Chen Xiao) and Xu Pingjun (Su Qing) lean in towards each other is, how gorgeous Angelababy looks, how imperious and beautiful Yang Rong looks as the spoiled daughter of Commander-in-Chief Huo…(is anyone else reminded of Tong Liya’s Zhao Feiyan?) Also included in the cast are Lu Yi and Du Chun, who play the male leads; even Zhao Liying (once hoped for as the lead of the drama) makes a cameo as an original character. Continue reading