Peng Tan and Chun Xiao Wed in Wuhan!


So many weddings this year! Peng Tan, formerly lead singer of Dada band and now soloist, has married his girlfriend, model Chun Xiao, after a very lovey dovey year together. They were first spotted together at his New Year’s mini concert and now, on 10/05/09 they’ve married in western style by the river, in Wuhan. I’ve really hated the mushroom hair  he adopted ever since they started dating, but I’m happy for them nonetheless.

I don’t think I ever posted their duet together “Our Little World”  that was recorded shortly after they went public in the beginning of this year, but I think this is a good time to.

A couple more pictures below:

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Cross-Profession Artists’ Burberry Photoshoot for Men’s Uno and HotSpot


From L-R linda, Peng Tan, Song Ning, Chun Xiao, and Zhang Junning

I have no idea if the title made sense to anyone? Basically Men’s Uno grabbed five artists that dabble in different areas of the entertainment field (singing, acting, modeling) and put them in Burberry clothing. The shoot caught my attention because it had both Peng Tan and Zhang Junning who are just so different from each other. The other guy is Song Ning who started out as a model and now falls into that category of late twenties  to early thirties actors who only have slight fame in China. He’s been in a few series and a few MVs, including one of Ding Wei’s back when she still sang (she composed this song as well…don’t you just love her?).

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