Gymnast Zou Kai to auction off Gold Medal for Sichuan

I’m an idiot and didn’t realize the previously mentioned auction charity event the Olympians were at was for Sichuan school reconstruction, but it was. Twenty-three atheletes including the previously aforementioned Guo Jingjing and Zou Kai were there.

Chinese gymnast Zou Kai originally decided to auction one of his three Olympic gold medals at the party. But he changed his mind and will auction off it later in Hong Kong, along with teammate Yang Wei’s silver medal. I know he bagged like three, but still. WOW. I’m impressed.

The 23 Olympic gold medalists who attended the auction raised a total of 19.18 million yuan for the earthquake victims.

Behind the cut is the full article detailing what other charitable shenanigans went on there. Lin Dan should have kept his shoes to auction instead of throwing them to the crowd.

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