The 12th Chinese Bridge Competition


The 12th Chinese Bridge, officially known as the Chinese Proficiency Competition for College Students, was held in Hunan Changsha. This is the 6th consecutive year the competition made Hunan their final destination, which also means this is the 6th year the competition is airing on HNTV. From their annual New Year Concert to the Eighteen’s Choice Festival, to their variety shows and singing competitions, HNTV’s proven they know how to put on a good show. Confucius Institute, you have made the right choice.

Watch the opening ceremony, hosted by Wang Han and Da Shan, below. You’ll have to turn up the volume, because (as usual) the sound is almost nonexistent.

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Hunan TV takes up foreign diplomacy


If only the distribution of Hunan TV's viewers was like this.

After taking over entertainment from CCTV, Hunan TV seems to also be gaining increasing responsibility in foreign affairs in the TV world as it hosts everything from the CCP-KMT party forum to Chinese competitions for foreigners.

First up is the more entertaining competition. Chinese Bridge is a collaboration with the Chinese national Hanban committee. The preliminaries are hosted in various countries around the world, with the top winners going on Hunan TV for the finals, where they’ll make many Chinese ashamed at their lack knowledge of their own culture. Present at the opening ceremony of Chinese Bridge are , of course, the five boys who bridged cpop and  kpop and the four boys who hopefully will do even more for bridging Chinese entertainment and the rest of the world.

H4 without Xun:
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