Cheng Yi, Zhao Yingzi’s The Promise of Chang’an premieres tonight

The Promise of Chang’an is a remake of 2003 classic The Secret History of Xiaozhuang and stars Zhao Yingzi, Cheng Yi and Han Dong in a Tang dynasty love triangle.

The 68 episode drama comes from the director-writer team behind this year’s xianxia romance Love and Redemption, and will release 2 episodes every Thurs-Sat on Tencent. English subs should be available on WeTV.

Promo Round-up: Love and Redemption

Xianxia romance Love and Redemption stars Huanrui’s latest star Cheng Yi as a cursed disciple who keeps on getting tortured (I’ve lost count of how many times he’s coughed up blood in all the trailers) and Yuan Bingyan as an ordinary disciple who doesn’t understand the concept of love.

The 59 episode drama premieres on Youku tonight.

Full insert song by Zhou Shen, insert song by Cheng Yi

Opening by Liu Yuning & Ending by Ayunga and Yu Kewei

Zhang Yuxi, Xuan Lu star in Tang Dynasty version of Handsome Siblings

All I can say is that the execs at H&R Century definitely have a thing for the Tang Dynasty. Just look at the dramas they’ve produced over the years: Glory, Peace, Promise and now Dream.

Dream of Chang’an 梦醒长安 doesn’t actually have anything to do with Handsome Siblings, but the character setup of sisters being raised by opposing sides and meeting again as enemies definitely sounds similar. Zhang Yuxi plays younger sister Cheng Ruoyu, while Xuan Lu plays older sister Qiu Yanzhi.


The Promise of Chang’an releases long trailer

The Promise of Chang’an is the Tang Dynasty version of Secret History of Xiaozhuang, and stars Cheng Yi, Zhao Yingzi and Han Dong as the leads. The 61 episode drama has yet to secure an air date. [Extended Synopsis]

Han Dong played Dorgon in In Love With Power, where Dayu’er’s true love was Huang Taiji. This time he plays Huang Taiji, except now this version’s Dayu’er is in love with Dorgon…

Love and Redemption releases new trailer

Xianxia drama Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 released a long trailer as it’s getting ready to stream. The series stars Yuan Bingyan as a lost cause who is determined to redeem herself after ruining a major wulin event. She’s helped on the way by her talented sister (Zhang Yuxi), the young master of a friendly sect (Chen Yi), and friend Liu Xueyi.

Zhu Zixiao, Yang Xizi, Bai Shu, Huang Yuming, and Mickey He join the cast.

Love and Redemption releases stills

Yuan Bingyan teams up with Tingxue Tower director once more, but in a more cutesy role.

Xianxia drama Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 recently released a set of new stills of late. The series stars Yuan Bingyan as a lost cause who is determined to redeem herself after ruining a major wulin event. She’s helped on the way by her talented sister (Zhang Yuxi) and the young master of a friendly sect (Chen Yi).