Tong Liya in bright colors for upcoming drama Fall In Love

The people that Tong Liya’s character personifies are usually in their late twenties – thirties; can Tong Liya pull it off?

Sporting a short bob now, Tong Liya looks much more chic in Fall In Love than she has ever before. The stills below the cut dress her in vibrant colors and promise that at some point in the drama, Du Chun will be hospitalized and Tong Liya will wait in the hospital for him. Other members of the cast include Zhou Yiwei, Xue Jianing, Ma Qiuzi, and Xiao Haoran.

In real life, it’s Tong Liya’s actual boyfriend and co-star from Beijing Love story, Cheng Sicheng, who looks out for Tong Liya. While the drama was filming, Cheng Sicheng constantly visited the set to treat the cast members out to lunch – and then finished off each meal asking them to take care of his girlfriend. Aw.

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