Characters for The Last Supper revealed


With darker costumes and a solid cast, this movie strives to realistically paint a chapter from history.

More than a year after Daniel Lee’s White Vengeance was released, director Lu Chuan’s take on the famous feast of Hong gate will finally be released on November 29 (most likely this doesn’t have much significance to you, since unless you’re in China, it is very unlikely you will be able to watch a copy.) The film, somewhat ominously titled The Last Supper in English, stars Liu Ye as Liu Bang (founder of my favorite Han dynasty), Daniel Wu as Xiang Yu, Cheng Chen as Han Xin, and Qin Lan as an incredibly aged Lv Zhi. Daniel Wu, like Feng Shaofeng, thought that he needed to build himself up more for the role of Xiang Yu – so he did, and ate a lot. Earlier in the year, the men of the movie did a photoshoot with Esquire; look here to see them look spiffy in modern costume (it’s an Esquire shoot; that should give you a hint on what type of photoshoot it is). Lu Chuan did a lot of research for this series; look below the cut to see the character posters for the major players. Dramatic stills of the series can be seen hereContinue reading