Bao Chunlai wins at Asian Badminton Championships


Chen Long and his senior Bao Chunlai

I haven’t talked much about sports in a while, even though when I started this site I had intended to because I was still in Olympics mode. I simply forgot to check sports sections of Sina, Sohu, etc. However, today I saw this on yahoo accidentally and was pleasantly surprised to hear Bao Chunlai had won the Asian badminton championships , which is rather good considering that most of the dominant players in this game are Asian.

Bao Chunlai, when we last left him, had shaved his hair off and went bald because he didn’t place in the Olympics. Seeing him back to form (ie his good-looking happy self) was really nice. Getting the silver was Chen Long, a tall (189cm), 19-year-old from Xiamen who is the Chinese junior champion,  someone people say will be the next Lin Dan, and has already beaten the world number 1.

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Prince of Tennis Season 2 Begins Production

Oh man...the netizens are going to attack me again.

Just let me rest bfore the netizens attack me again with their vicious verbal abuse.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to play by the rules.  Hunan TV, despite having some shameless promotion tactics, and a reputation in China for being “Shanzhai”, has had a long history of turning out good dramas, from Princess Returning Pearl to their latest Ugly Wudi. In contrast, straight-forward Shanghai-based Dragon TV has always been kind of fail with their attempts at shows. For a station situated in such a trendy city, Dragon (aka Tomato) TV has been one step behind Changsha-based  Hunan-TV, and never had the knack that Hunan TV has had in actually delivering quality fun drama. It was however, the first in China to tackle adapting a manga, buying the rights for a live-action drama adaptation to the fanatically-followed manga, Prince of Tennis in 2007, with much support and enthusiasm from its writer, Takeshi Konomi who hoped this would help promote his beloved manga in the huge Chinese market.

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