Photoshoot Round up: Hong Niang, who’s red in China*?

Who should win the “best silver headdress” award – Zhang Xinyuan, with her classical beauty and ethnic minority hat, or Chen Yanqiu with her bejeweled Beijing opera headgear? Su Qing probably takes the prize for “cutest,” with her little Red Riding Hood get up and snowy backdrop. On the other hand, Bai Baihe is thoroughly modern (anyone else super excited for her upcoming movie Facelift Diary?) How  many of these actresses will become as “red (popular)” in China as the clothes they wear?  Look under the cut for more pictures!
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Photoshoot Friday: May 17, 2013

 photo 704_966774_687726_zps5f54328b.jpg

Below the cut, Liu Yifei is crying because Zhao Wei took her place as the cover photo.

Zhao Wei is the true jewel in her photoshoot with Bazaar Jewelry; Liu Yifei is glamorous for Figaro. Zhang Yao from Zhao Wei’s new movie So Young makes an appearance in this round up with her husband, and actress Jiang Xin is pretty and sophisticated in the still from her shoot. Chen Xiao was supposed to be here, but Chen Kun was not impressed and took the position of “most charismatic male” in this shoot instead. You also have Chen Yanqiu, who’s awfully young (born after 1995!), beautiful in an old-movie themed photoshoot. Da Zhangwei reveals how much fun he can have dressing up as a clown in what I assume is a telephone booth (that changes colors). Look below the cut for more!  Continue reading