Liu Yifei sings Reflection, more by Chen Man, and American merchandise round-up

The Mulan poster by Chen Man we deserve.

Mulan Promos Round-Up 1; Round-Up 2

Liu Yifei covers the classic Mulan song Reflection. She sounds flawed but still beautiful and more importantly, it sounds like her. I’m really happy that they didn’t over-autotune her too much for this song like they did for the other princesses. My only complaint is that the erhu is a very minimum-effort addition, but I like how the rest of the music was re-arranged to fit her voice.

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Liu Yifei by Chen Man, Mulan theme song and clip

Mulan Promos Round-Up 1; Round-Up 2 ; Round-Up 3

I was going to do another Mulan round-up next week, but I love this photoshoot by Chen Man so much that I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

In addition, we also get a first look at how Liu Yifei fares as a man in this clip below. fake deep voice is so cute!

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