Magic Star to be released

Aim and fire!

Magic Star 奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时 is revving up for its release date on January 3rd.  Starring Wu LeiChen XiangHao ShaowenZhang YuxiZhengge HuiziHe MeidianJackie LuiQiu XinzhiZhang JunzhuXue CunWang TianzeChen Long, and Fang Feilin, there has also been a barrage of promotional materials released as well.

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Magic Star releases trailer and sets release date

‘Tis the season for every drama and their mother to come out with a release date…

Magic Star 奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时 has set a release date for January 3rd.  Starring Wu LeiChen XiangHao ShaowenZhang YuxiZhengge HuiziHe MeidianJackie LuiQiu XinzhiZhang JunzhuXue CunWang TianzeChen Long, and Fang Feilin, another drama joins the release avalanche.

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Wu Lei stars in Magic Star

Fei Liu is back again!!

Magic Star 奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时 has started filming.  Starring Wu LeiChen XiangHao ShaowenZhang YuxiZhengge HuiziHe MeidianJackie LuiQiu XinzhiZhang JunzhuXue CunWang TianzeChen Long, and Fang Feilin, this drama seems to deal with Chinese mythology.

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Nirvana in Fire releases epic trailer, finishes filming

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Hu Ge and his friends when a BG plot is forced between them

While we not so patiently wait on the release of period dramas long overdue *glares*, Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 has decided to press full steam ahead and release a movie-qualitied trailer upon finishing filming today, and I can say with pride that I’ve seen it at least 20 times.

Mary Chang"Sue" makes up with his best friends.
Hu Ge and his friends when they’re the only ones left filming.

Produced by Shandong Film & TV Group and directed by Kong Sheng, the series is once more a perfect combination of high production values, an enticing plot, and a perfect cast with Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Wu Lei, Chen Long, Liu Tao, etc. For those of us with growing Central Drama voice fetishes, the trailer includes all original voices by the actors. Wang Kai has always dubbed for himself, so even if they dub it in the future, we’ll probably get to hear his gorgeous voice again!

Character posters below the cut thanks to 0kuo0.


Nirvana in Fire releases vintage stills

If you’re in an arranged marriage, the next best thing to being in love is both being best bff’s and bamf’s.


Nirvana in Fire, the Kong Sheng-directed drama of “friendship” and revenge, released the first major set of stills of its cast.  Featured are the lead Hu Ge, his best friends played by Wang Kai, Chen Long, Jin Dong,  and Wu Lei,  and the female supporting cast of Liu TaoZhou Qiqi, Zhang Lingxin, and Wang Ou.

Also, it has been confirmed that archrivals Yu Zheng and Tangren will have their two actors, Zhang Hanzhe  and Hu Ge, playing the before-and-after of the lead character.   Next thing we know, Liu Shishi and Yang Rong will be playing siblings.  (In fact …  Yu Zheng said yesterday that he asked Liu Shishi about playing XiaoLongNv)  (more…)

Nirvana in Fire releases character posters

You would’ve never guessed Nirvana was on fire based on those fur coats. 

While we wait on his Desert Melody, Hu Ge has decided to film another drama transported to  be set in the chaotic Northern and Southern Dynasties period .  Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜, and directed by  Kong Sheng of Chuang GuanDong, promises to be another long epic that follows Hu Ge’s character as he rises from a faked death to clear his family name and help his friend the Prince (Wang Kai) gain the throne. Helping him are his fiancee the General of the South (Liu Tao), the Private Guards General ( Chen Long), and the head of the Langya clan (Jin Dong).  Haiyan, author of the original book of the same name, pens the scripts.

More information (and possible spoilers) on the synopsis here.  More wispy-white character posters below the cut.


Stills from “Fairy Lake – Spirit of the Mo”


Unlike the above picture indicates, the drama is more of a romantic comedy than a fairytale drama. From a  corrupt-governor-turned-talking-egg to a jail buddy who refuses to get out of jail so she can finish digging her hole out, “Fairy Lake” was a refresher against all the intrigue dramas. Focused on forbidden fairy-human loves, “Fairy Lake” goes on two main relationships between the seventh fairy and a Mohism disciple and General Huo Qubing, as well as the third fairy, General Wei Qing and Princess Pingyang.   Gong Mi actually works the naive cuteness of her character quite well.  The two male leads, Chen Long and Zheng Kai, are both quite charming, and the other characters are generally comedic relief.

Fairy + mortal = trouble