Netflix Streaming Promo Round-up: The Rise of Phoenixes

The Rise of Phoenixes streams with English subtitles on Netflix beginning today here. The series is the first ancient drama brought in as a “Netflix original” and stars Chen Kun, Ni Ni, Ni Dahong, Liu Mintao, Zhang Xiaochen, and Bai Jingting.

Here’s a bunch of stills and posters that have been released since the show begun airing other than the ones we’ve already posted, like Chen Kun’s color palette and Ni Ni’s costumes. The show also has a great OST, including Helpless 奈何  by Sam Lee,  How did we become so helpless 何奈何 by Ni Ni, Like Yesterday 如昨 by Liu Xijun, and   Schemes 心机 by Wang Xiaomin.   A couple more behind-the-scenes stuff have also been released since the last round-up. Watch them  here and here.


The Rise of Phoenixes to stream on Netflix, Ni Ni to be on her first US magazine cover

US vs. French, which version do you like more? I’m Team USA.

For those of you waiting patiently for the English subbed version of The Rise of Phoenixes, it will stream on Netflix  on September 14. Also, if you’re in the U.S., Ni Ni will be making her US magazine debut on one of four covers for  L’Officiel USA on top of L’Officiel Singapore, France, and China. I will link to magazine ordering site if/when it’s up.

  The drama is stunning but a little slow (not in what’s actually going on but the editting) but this drama gave me so much more appreciation (I know, I didn’t think it was possible) for Ni Ni.  She’s hands down the most convincing female lead crossdressing as a male in a Chinese drama in maybe forever. She’s the only one who is simply playing a male instead of a woman crossdressing as a male.  I never knew how much I needed Ni Ni to play all my favorite wuxia male leads until I saw her as Wei Zhi. I had chills watching a drinking scene because of how much it reminded me of Linghu Chong, and an escape scene that I thought would be perfect for Yang Guo.   

Also the male voice she uses in this drama is apparently closer to her real voice, which is amazing because it’s so much huskier than the voice of most of her previous characters that I’ve seen.

Anyways here is the Netflix trailer and  some pics of her by Yin Chao below:


The Rise of Phoenixes color palettes

pitch black, fairy tea, sea pine, ivory black, rotten leaves, ivory, washed persimmons, skin, silvergrass

Chen Kun’s workshop releases this pretty set of color palettes with traditional Chinese colors for The Rise of Phoenixes. I’ve tried translating a few of the colors literally but gave up because of how I didn’t know how to type half of the colors for some of them, anyone else want to give a try?

Ni Ni in Tiffany Blue.  gif cr: -JIUWA


Promo Round-up: The Rise of Phoenixes

The Rise of Phoenixes tells of the heart-wrenching romance between the descendants of two royal families who are destined to become enemies, and the political machinations that are bound to push them further apart.

Starring Chen Kun, Ni Ni, Zhao Lixin, Ni Dahong, Yuan Hong, Wang Ou and Bai Jingting, the 70 episode drama airs daily on Hunan TV beginning tonight. Raw episodes will be uploaded by Croton, and it may also appear on Netflix US.

Updated Character Introductions and Extended Synopsis


The Rise of Phoenixes confirms air date, releases new previews and stills

Chen Kun and Ni Ni’s The Rise of Phoenixes has released two TV spots, a bunch of new stills, and also gotten itself a new native title of 天盛长歌 (lit. The Golden Age of Tiansheng). The 70 episode drama is confirmed to air as a daily drama from August 14th.

I am 95% confident the drama has a sad ending in store for us just based on the last line: “I swear upon my father’s grave that regardless of the circumstance I am in, I shall never marry Ning Yi.”

(The drama is using on-site recording, hence the lack of familiar dubbing voices) (more…)