Movie Recap: Painted Skin II – The Resurrection, part one

Starring Zhou Xun as the fox demon Xiaowei, Zhao Wei as the Princess Jing, Chen Kun as General Huo Xin, Yang Mi as Qu’er (who I call Birdie), Feng Shaofeng as the demon exorcist, Chen Tingjia as the chieftess of the Tianlang Clan, and Fei Xiang as the Voldemort-With-A-Nose, Painted Skin II became the highest grossing domestic film in China with its release in the summer. I can’t screen cap the movie because the version I’m using is too low quality (I did watch it in HQ at the theater), so what pictures you find will be stills I find online. Part Two of the recap will be up next week.

The desert fox reawakens.

Five hundred years ago, a fox demon saved a mortal man’s life and thus broke the laws of the demon world. As punishment, she was trapped in an icy prison Continue reading