Promo Round-up: Cry Me a Sad River aka River Flows To You

Cry Me a Sad River has changed its Chinese name to Stream of Joyful Memories, so here’s a happy picture in Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu’s third collaboration.

Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu play a pair of childhood friends whose paths separate in their third drama together, River Flows To You 流淌的美好时光 (formerly Cry Me a Sad River 悲伤逆流成河). The series, so loosely based off the original book that its title is literally the opposite, begins air daily beginning July 1st. It should be available on Youtube here.

In semi-related news, Ma Tianyu and Zheng Shuang are currently regulars on new variety show We’re Growing Up 我们长大了, which is available on Youtube here.

New trailer below; stills and first teaser, more stills, translated excerpts of the book here.


Wuxia series Wudang Yijian releases promos

Wudang Yijian tries to minimize the use of stunt doubles by casting leads with dance and martial arts backgrounds.

Wuxia series Wudang Yijian 武当一剑 hopes to use as few stunt doubles as possible by casting leads with martial arts and/or dance backgrounds. These include the two leads Yu Yiliao and Chai Biyun (Border Town Prodigal) , both Beijing Dance Academy high school graduates who went on to film academies. The cast also stars So You Think You Can Dance finalist and Mongolian dance specialist Wei Lisi , Beijing Dance Academy classical dance graduate Shan Danhan,  National Dance Champion Lin Yiting, MMA fighter Ao Hailin, and National Strongman Champion Long Wu. They also invited a number of Wudang martial arts practitioners as actors.  

You can watch some BTS of the fight scenes here and the long trailer English-subbed here. Watch the MV for the theme song by Sun Nan below:


Promo Round-up: Rush to the Dead Summer

Rush to the Dead Summer is a coming-of-age drama starring Chen Xuedong (The Great Wall) as a talented artist who is later swamped with accusations of plagiarism, Zheng Shuang (Love O2O) as his love interest and Bai Jingting (recently seen on well-received variety show Who’s the Murderer?) as his best friend who is not in love with his girlfriend.

The 46 episode drama will begin airing tonight.


Stills for Border Town Prodigal

I whip my hair back and forth…

Pretty soon, I am going to run out of titles involving Border Town Prodigal and stills but in the mean time, you guessed it, more were released.  Starring Zhu Yilong,Ye Qingbin, Qiu Xinzhi, Zhang Xinyu, Chai Biyun, Vincent Jiao Enjun, Gong Mi, and Zhang Junning, this batch of stills seems to have a couple more non-major characters in it.

More stills below the cut.