Maybe Mars Acts to Hit the US in November

Five acts under the Maybe Mars label, Carsick Cars, P.K. 14, Xiao He, White and Snapline are coming to the US this November, mostly to the east coast. The full list of dates and locations are all listed here, along with descriptions of each band, and albums to legally download.

Maybe Mars is the youngest of the two leading Chinese independent music labels.  It was started by musicians who had found a home at D-22, the rock club that is credited with giving crucial exposure and support to Beijing’s exploding music scene.  In its two years of existence, it has already signed 24 folk, rock, experimental and noise musicians and bands, including most of the artists at the forefront of China’s music underground.

Seriously? Are any other labels bringing their bands to the US? That’s crazy…this one’s not for aids charity like Modern Sky, but it’s very cool all the same.

Thanks to for posting this originally. I swear, whenever it’s Chinese indie news I always end up stealing from some other site…Chinese indie gets more love than Chinese pop.

News Roundup 6/20/09 – 7/1/09


L-R Zhu Zixiao, Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang, Yu Haoming, and Wei Chen

Meteor Shower’s theme song was released featuring the voices of all four “Hua”. The soundtrack will feature the lovely voices of Wei Chen and Yu Haoming …and the voices of Zhang Han, Zhu Zixiao and Zheng Shuang. The series will be shown in early August on Hunan TV, after Always Smile! finishes airing.

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Carsick Cars Releases New MV for Old Album

Maybe Mars, the newbie record label in China that launched the bands Carsick Cars, Joyside and Snapline, amongst others finally released Carsick Cars‘ first MV a month ago, for their song Muo Gu, Muo Gu, or Mushroom Mushroom, and I think the MV reflects the title pretty well.

There was an interview with Zhou Shouwang of Carsick Cars featured at, and with their permission, I’m posting  part of it here because I like the insight it gave about Chinese music past and present.

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8th Chinese Music Media Awards: Indie Singers Win Big

Music awards can be given out rather liberally in the Greater Chinese-speaking region, and sometimes, it’s simply a popularity contest. But the Music Media Awards has always been classy, always recognized some of the best talent out there, and this time they gave the recognition not to idols, not to mainstream talent, but to some of the best indie. There’s nothing wrong with mainstream popular music, but it’s still pretty nice to see these artists get recognition at a major awards event. In honor of this, I’ll be adding some of the winner’s songs to the music box on the main page.

Peng Tan, winner of Best Mandarin Newcomer

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