Vast – “I’m Vast” Interview

This particular singer’s newest release passed me by when it came out recently, I but this interview at CRI quickly caught my attention.

“The Mando-pop industry has seen many young artists breathe new life into the scene with creativity and originality. One of them is Cang Mang, who is also known by his English name, Vast. By age 19, this young man had released three albums, with all tracks written and produced by him. Cang Mang’s latest self-titled album, I’m Vast, features ten tracks which range from love ballads to light-rock and R&B.”

This guy’s album was released late August, so why wait a month to conduct this interview about it? Maybe those at CRI released after a month of hardly any promotion, the kid needs all the help he can get even if he is some sort of prodigy. While the cpop industry already has a number of singer-songwriters more talent is always welcome, and hopefully he can have a successful future ahead of him.

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