Fit Lover Conquers the Chinese Box Office


Poster for Love, Actually...I mean, Fit Lover

Okay, so I said I would probably never post on Fit Lover again, but when have I ever said anything like that which turned out to be true?

My gut instinct was right. Women ARE more powerful in China, at least when it comes to deciding what to see. Fit Lover (Call for Love 2) has taken in 25 million yuan (3.6 million USD) for its first weekend, greater than the sum total of Desires of the Heart, The Underdog Knight and Beast Stalker/Witness. Three million may not sound like much, but consider this: it’s a little over a third of Red Cliff’s record making first weekend splash in Japan, the holy grail of Asian markets. In this war between a complete chick flick, a quirky romantic comedy, a quirky action film, and a run-of-the-mill action film, the chick flick won hands-down.

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Fit Lover a Hit at the Chinese Box Office


Karena Lam: How could I still have been outshined despite having 12x as much screentime as everyone else? It's back to being under appreciated.

This movie (also known as Call for Love 2) raked in more than its predecessor, Call for Love and signaled the first week of the wave of holiday-friendly movies. There were no actual numbers but according to reports, theaters were 80% full, and some were even sold-out. Also according to reporters, it seemed to be doing better than Desires of the Heart. I really wish there were actual numbers because it’d be interesting to see how these two romanace comedies stacked up against the other two new releases, guy-friendly Beast Stalker/Witness and The Underdog Knight. I predict the action flicks win because there are more men in China. :P

Inside sources say that a script for Call for Love 3 is already in the works.

Also, guess which character audiences liked the most in Fit Lover, according to Sina? I’ll give you a hint…it wasn’t Karena…so which one of the twelve guys?

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