Jiang Jinfu makes out with Zeng Yike in Bu Bu Jing Qing trailer

Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu may be the main characters, but the news is all about Zeng YIke and JIang Jinfu's kiss.

Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu emotionless as Zeng YIke and JIang Jinfu’s kiss steals the headlines.

Watch the trailer for upcoming Shanghai Tangren series Bu Bu Jing Qing (modern day sequel to timetravelling series Bu Bu Jing Xin) starring LIu Shishi, Nicky Wu, Sun Yizhou, Jiang Jinfu, Ye Zuxin, Ye Qing, Annie Liu, Zeng Yike and Chen Xiang, below from MuNianCi@YouTube

Bu Bu Jing Qing releases character posters


Snow White and the Five Grumpy Princes. At least dad is semi-smiling?  

The “sequel” to popular timetraveling series, Shanghai Tangren’s Bu Bu Jing Xin, has recently begun filming. The new series, titled Bu Bu Jing Qing  步步惊情, features a similar cast, but is instead a modern intrigue series.   Starring Liu Shishi, Nicky Wu, Ye Zuxin and Li Zongren from the original series and with the new edition of Sun Yizhou, Jiang Jinfu, Zeng Yike and Chen Xiang, the series released character posters today. Continue reading