Tai Rye Music’s New Boyband M.I.C to Debut in LG Lollipop CF

We first read about this group in a  fascinating article  in the business section of the entertainment news. In it  mainland label Tai Rye talked about the costs of producing the boyband, first spending a year going to various art schools and talent locations in China to select from thousands. Then they picked 50 kids aged 15-17 to go to Beijing and train, eliminating a few each week. Finally, after three years, the group MIC was formed with 6 members, with a long-term investment of millions including choreographers for American artists like Madonna. The only thing they have mentioned in their upcoming lineup however is LG Lollipop phone commercial for the China market, which has emerged recently.

Making of LG Lollipop CF for the China market (with girlgroup f(x))

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