Zhou Xun in Harper’s Bazaar China and Vogue China


Zhou Xun’s having an incredible year, and at the top of her game right now with  both Golden Horse and Rooster nominations for two different movies, The Equation of Love and Death, and The Message. I really, really wanted a photoshoot with her and costar Li Bingbing together, but Li Bingbing, along with Alec Su and Huang Xiaoming are  off promoting at the Pusan Film Festival (click for pics) where The Message is the closing film. Apparently, the film’s 6000 available tickets sold out in eight minutes at Pusan/Busan. There’s been talk of a prequel and sequel to the movie, but I usually don’t pay attention to that sort of rumor until it actually goes into production.

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Fan Bingbing Photoshoot for “Fashion Weekly”


I’m unfamiliar with Fashion Weekly (风尚志) magazine, but I guess these are for Wheat promotions? Wheat’s not doing very well at the box office, trumped not only by Jian Guo Da Ye (The Founding of a Republic) and Feng Sheng (The Message),  but also by My Fair Gentleman, which is getting very positive reviews for both the movie and the acting from Sun Honglei and Kelly Lin (Lei Zu He!), and a sequel is already in the works.

I’m again backlogged with posts I want to do, so going to try to catch up from this past week and may be going in reverse chronological order.

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Fit Lover Conquers the Chinese Box Office


Poster for Love, Actually...I mean, Fit Lover

Okay, so I said I would probably never post on Fit Lover again, but when have I ever said anything like that which turned out to be true?

My gut instinct was right. Women ARE more powerful in China, at least when it comes to deciding what to see. Fit Lover (Call for Love 2) has taken in 25 million yuan (3.6 million USD) for its first weekend, greater than the sum total of Desires of the Heart, The Underdog Knight and Beast Stalker/Witness. Three million may not sound like much, but consider this: it’s a little over a third of Red Cliff’s record making first weekend splash in Japan, the holy grail of Asian markets. In this war between a complete chick flick, a quirky romantic comedy, a quirky action film, and a run-of-the-mill action film, the chick flick won hands-down.

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