Bea Hayden meets merman Feng Shaofeng in The Starry Night, The Starry Sea

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The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 那片星空那片海 is based on Tong Hua’s fantasy novel of the same name, and tells of the fateful romance between a human girl and a merman.

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Chen Qiao’en, Zheng Shuang switch places in “Destined to Love You”


Guess which three of these seven people fight over a “kiss” in the trailer? (hint: Chen Qiao’en is not one of the three)

Tonghua seems to have hit the sweet spot for goofy and fun romances once more with Destined to Love You 偏偏喜欢你, this time starring Chen Qiao’en she tries to put order into the unruly military class of Jia Nailiang, Bosco Wong, Li Zifeng, Zhang Yunlong, Gao Weiguang, Zheng Shuang, etc.

I feel weird about making romantic comedies about the Republican era, but it does look right up my alley.

Young Detective Dee Releases Trailers and Stills

Trying to out-do the graphics from the two movies (Phantom Flame and Sea Dragon) with stills.

Along with producing her own dramas with her workshop , Ruby Lin will also serve as a producer for Young Detective Dee (retitled as Young Sherlock/少年神探狄仁杰). Bosco Wong (黄宗泽) will play the titular Di Renjie and Ma Tianyu (马天宇) his trusty sidekick Yuanfang. The drama also stars Qi Wei (戚薇) and Sun Xiaoxiao (孙骁骁) as Bosco Wong and Ma Tianyu’s love interests . The series also features special appearances from Ruby Lin (林心如) and Yuan Hong (袁弘) as Empress Wu Zetian and Emperor Gaozong of Tang.

Trailers and stills below the cut.
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Chinese Celebrities When They Were Young

I said I would do a special fun post in exchange for someone making my banner when site hit 10,000. Well, here it is as promised, although nobody ever made me a banner. :( This is still incomplete…I don’t have a few people in here, and I wanted to put an after pic of everyone, but I got way too tired of that so I only put some for some people I didn’t think people would know (like all the mainland guys apparently), but eventually I will update this and make it the most comprehensive Chinese celeb baby picture list ever.

Love or hate her, you’ve got to admit Liu Yifei was one of the most adorable children ever.

More of cute adorable children behind the cut. I think it’s really rare for Chinese people to do plastic surgery (as of now) so this won’t be one of those “spot the differences” posts. This took a lot of time and effort to put together, so PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND POST ANYWHERE ELSE, w/o permission.

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