Jikejunyi longs for home in new song for the Moon Festival


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone!

Sung in time for the Mid-Autumn Moon festival, so a tearjerker in itself for those of us away from our families,  Jikejunyi ‘s new song,  “When the moon reaches the heart of the sky 月到天心处,” also touches the heart in its references to the tales told in Bodyguards and Assassins, for whose drama version starring Wallace Chung the song is the theme for.  The title is reference to a Song-sydnasty poem by Shao Yong and refers to the most serene and thoughtful moment of the  night.

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“The Message” and “Body Guards and Assasins” Trailers released


Zhou Xun in "The Message"

Ok, so two trailers for two very anticipated and high budget movies came out. While Bodyguards and Assassins gives a frantic feel, the Message has an understated ambiance. Which are you going to watch?

The Message Trailer

Thanks to qiaozi426 @youtube.

Go below the cut for  a behind the scenes look at The Message, and the Bodyguards and Assasins trailer.

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Nic Tse Goes Bald For His New Film


Nicholas Tse, who just released his purported “last” album, has begun filming for his new movie, Bodyguards and Assassins,  set in Hong Kong during the Qing Dynasty. Despite playing a rather bottom of the rung character, who is billed as “the rickshaw driver”, he is the lead of this star-filled, big-budgeted tale about many who protected Dr. Sun Yat-sen during a trip the famed leader took to Hong Kong in October of 1905 (the film title in Chinese is Besieged in October).

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