Ethnic minorities in Chinese entertainment

Does she look Chinese to you?

One of the most frustrating things about introducing new Chinese artists are the “they don’t look Chinese” comments. Considering China has 56 official ethnicities with their ancestral homes in China, and who knows how many unofficial ones, and 1.3 billion people, it’s unfair to homogenize any part of China (or of the world ). And according to wikipedia, minority populations are rising at 7 times the rate of the Han Chinese because the One Child Policy only applies to Han Chinese (no, China is not trying to eliminate its minorities via One Child).

Photographer Chen Haiwen recently paid a tribute to the diversity of China by producing a series of photos that captured this diversity. Along with a team of photographers, he traveled across China for a year to take photos of a family from each ethnic group. Those, along with thousands of other photos captured on the trip, were put on display in Beijing’s WangFuJing Street last month. zhouzhzh on youtube has a slideshow of all the photos.

Here’s a spot light on some, definitely not all, minority Chinese artists in pop culture.

Super Girl He Jie

our Yi-group
manager: Super Boy Ji Jie and brand manager for Bacardi
members: two powerful and tomboyish songstresses SM’s lost cause Zhang Liyin
and really lost cause Super Girl He Jie
and boyband Blue Bird Flying Fish‘s 70.
HuHu’s not Yi, but he’s there by association. Maybe Zhang Yunjing can join, too, by marriage. Continue reading

A Pair of Cpop Duos’s Recent Photoshoots


Both BOBO and BBFF recently had some nice professional photoshoots, which is nice, because Chinese idols have a limited magazine market, and thus, crappy pics. BOBO  will next be seen in the movie Young Gods of Cookery, the trailer of which you can watch here. Not surprisingly it looks fairly low budget since the two are at the bottom rung of Hua Yi’s actor ladder, but it’s still cute even if an album would be better. Blue Bird Flying Fish hasn’t gained many fans since their debut but they’ve been quite busy and actually released music unlike BOBO. Listen to them sing prettily here.

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70 and Zhang Yunjing spaz

Looks like a scene in the Twelfth Night? It's even better.

When they first debuted, weI wanted to pair up B2F2 with the girls of our Yi group (Zhang Liyin and He Jie) since 70 was also Yi, but Zhang Yunjing and 70 won us over with their awesomeness. This is a very non-serious, non-informative spaz article that we needed to do, because summer’s just started and we’re all tired, so stop reading now if you feel like you’re the true prince(ss) of either Zhang Yunjing or 70. Or if you’re for something more strange, view this with caution.

Disclaimer: The following portrayals are highly biased in favor of a ZYJ-70 pairing

Exhibit A:

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Chinese Paladin 3 DVD and Soundtrack Details


The producers behind the series based on the third installment of the Chinese Paladin RPG series have announced what’s to be expected on the soundtrack of the game, and packaging details for the “Gold Edition DVD”, which is going to be one of the best DVD sets ever. Seriously. Also released was the ending theme, sung by Hu Ge. I am now 10 x more excited for this series than I was before.

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Gold Typhoon Launches Their Newest Artists


On  ‘Bai Fen Bai’ last week, host Show Luo introduced two of his company juniors who are debuting around the same time, but with two different appeals. Chang Yunjing is the winner of the first season of Taiwan’ s Super Idol. Blue Bird Flying Fish is a pop duo  made up of Sichuan boys (this is my 512 related reference in this post). They are all under Gold Typhoon, the powerhouse company that covers the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong with artists from each region.

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