My Youth succeeds without struggle


The ladies of Who Controls My Youth

The companion piece to the immensely popular “idol drama” StuggleWo De Qing Chun Shui Zuo Zhu/who controls my youth?,  easily reached the popularity of its prequel. So popular, in fact, that the director has announced a third in the series – Bei Jing Shao Nian/ Beijing youth.

This drama would be to Meteor Garden, what BOBO is to Top Combine. The first two are quintessentially Chinese, no offense meant to the others. It has all the romance, young cast and plot-twists of a typical K/J/TWdrama, but I love its capturing of a more complete picture and thus greater audience range by involving three generations and  multiple plotlines. At the same time, it also caters to the idol drama audience. The filming and costumes are also high-qualitied, and the dialogue is cleverly written, layering the drama, and giving it the nuances that make it one of those dramas that can be watched over and over. Synopsis below the line.
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