Zheng Shuang’s back! (and single)

Zheng Shuang
There’s something about Zheng Shuang (is it her honesty?) that no matter what she does or how much they bash her dramas or films, everyone still likes her.

Two things always come to mind about Zheng Shuang : she cannot lie, and she was willing to donate her bone marrow to a stranger without any second thoughts. After four years of almost filming nothing except for an occasional role with Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang is returning with new looks, new perspectives, three new dramas, and even a new restaurant.

“Happiness should be fought for by yourself. You can’t just get it by waiting at home for someone else,” said Zheng Shuang. “I think that both girls and boys should have their own career.”    She’s already filmed three dramas since her return, including a Ancient Sword, Beauty’s Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 with Ma Tianyu, and The Cage of Love.  That’s the same number of leading dramas as she’s done in the past five years.

After being bombarded by reporters with all sorts of loaded questions at press conferences for her two new dramas, Zheng Shuang finally admitted that she broke up with Zhang Han.   (more…)