Weibo Wednesday: May 1-May 8

黑人建州: 感謝妳包容我的一切,兩週年結婚快樂喔!love u 4 ever

Blackie Chen and Christine Fan Weiqi celebrated their second wedding anniversary on May 7th! Congratulations to the happy couple, who were playing around with paint earlier in the week.

Thank you for being forgiving of everything. Happy two-year wedding anniversary! love u 4 ever

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Aquatic athletes photoshoots: Sun Yang, Ye Shiwen, Shawn Dou, Bao Chunlai, Sang Xue, Tian Liang

1. Sun Yang for GQ

It has to be something in the water that makes them all so adorable. In the bathtub with rubber duckies is swimmer Sun Yang, the runaway 2012 Olympics star. Alongside the pool takes us to Vogue’s photoshoot of diver-turned-actress Sang Xue and host Bao Chunlai, who’ll be making a badminton re-comeback next year. Following them is swimmer Ye Shiwen and actor Shawn Dou for 5th channel. And finally, diver-turned-actor Tian Liang is the only one to really leave the pool with a business photoshoot.

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Wedding of the year for Lin Dan,Xie Xingfang

He fell in love with her at first sight when he was only 14 and she 16. The first time they talked was during a mixed training five years later. He lost to her in a 2-0 match that day.

When there’s a special edition Li-ning shoe just for the wedding, you know it has to be big.

After so many actor/actress weddings, this one is surprisingly the one filled with the best shots of all the participants.   From the absolutely dreamy setting to the way-too-good-looking best men and bridesmaids to  the cuteness of the couple, a look at badminton world champions Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang’s wedding. Continue reading

Bao Chunlai wins at Asian Badminton Championships


Chen Long and his senior Bao Chunlai

I haven’t talked much about sports in a while, even though when I started this site I had intended to because I was still in Olympics mode. I simply forgot to check sports sections of Sina, Sohu, etc. However, today I saw this on yahoo accidentally and was pleasantly surprised to hear Bao Chunlai had won the Asian badminton championships , which is rather good considering that most of the dominant players in this game are Asian.

Bao Chunlai, when we last left him, had shaved his hair off and went bald because he didn’t place in the Olympics. Seeing him back to form (ie his good-looking happy self) was really nice. Getting the silver was Chen Long, a tall (189cm), 19-year-old from Xiamen who is the Chinese junior champion,  someone people say will be the next Lin Dan, and has already beaten the world number 1.

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