Promo Round-up: Fairyland Lovers

Fairyland Lovers 蓬莱间 stars Bai Yu as a doctor who helps spirits let go of mortal desires and transforms them into proper human beings. Zheng Qiuhong plays the reincarnation of the hero’s lover from a thousand years ago. Ji Xiaobing costars as a general from Heaven, who I assume is responsible for keeping the main couple apart.

The Tencent web drama will release 2 episodes every Mon-Wed beginning tonight.

Teaser 2


Yang Mi, Bai Yu cast as leads in Thank You Doctor

Medical drama Thank You Doctor 谢谢你医生 stars Yang Mi as Xiao Yan, an aloof and extremely talented surgeon who joins the ICU Department. She works together with Bai Shu (Bai Yu) to provide specialised treatment to patients, and the two eventually fall in love. I assume it’ll be a slow-burn romance though, because the synopsis states the heroine was still trying to cope with the loss of her fiancé.

Directed by Zhang Rui (Operation Moscow, Yu Zui) and written by Zhou Yong (Ten Miles of Spring Scenery Can’t Compare to You), the drama will begin filming in a couple of days.

Writer of Burning Ice to work with Qin Hao, Liao Fan for upcoming iQiyi crime thrillers

Streaming giant iQiyi has bought the adaption rights to two more novels written by Zi Jinchen, the screenwriter and original author of critically acclaimed thriller Burning Ice 无证之罪. Both web dramas have already started filming, and will have twelve 60 minute episodes.

The Hidden Corner / The Bad Kids 隐秘的角落 is already in production, and stars Qin Hao, Wang Jingchun and Zhang Songwen.

A long-suffering live-in son-in-law (Qin Hao) hatches up an elaborate murder plot to kill his cheating wife and her family after she demands a divorce. His actions are recorded by three children playing nearby, yet he soon discovers that he was actually set up by the three young children. Consequently, he begins to work out how and why a thirteen-year-old boy is able to twist the truth to his advantage.


Deng Chao directs and stars in heartwarming new film Looking Up

I usually wouldn’t touch Deng Chao or Yu Baimei directed films (Devil & Angel, Master Healing) with a ten-foot pole, but the trailer for Looking Up 银河补习班 looks very promising. Deng Chao plays a father who deviates from the usual parenting style seen in Asian families, and instead encourages his son, played by Feng Ze’ang and later Bai Yu, to chase his dreams. The film is slated for a July 26th premiere in both China and North America.

Promo Round-up: Detective L

Republican mystery drama Detective L features Bai Yu as Luo Fei, a  dashing detective who develops a bickering romance with recent police academy graduate Qin Xiaoman (You Jingru). They begin to solve a series of murders with the help of a gifted medical examiner Benjamin (Ji Chen).

The 24 episode web drama is directed by Deng Ke (Seven Versions of Myself) and releases 2 eps every Thursday and Friday on Tencent. VIP members get a 6 episode head start.



Guardian leads Zhu Yilong, Bai Yu on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar

I’m so happy Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu are finally getting widespread recognition thanks to Guardian, even though the show itself is of subpar quality. Zhu Yilong is currently filming modern drama My True Friend 我的真朋友 with Deng Lun and Angelababy, while Bai Yu is filming Republican mystery drama Detective L 绅探.

The photos for Bazaar (online edition) were taken by Liang Hengyi.


Guardian now available on Youtube with English subtitles

That sexual tension tho

The most popular drama not on Youtube of late, borderline-supernatural borderline-boy love drama Guardian is finally on Youtube here.  The drama’s cases are a bit too lacking for me, but the leads are very shippable and I’m just happy that it means wide recognition for  Zhu Yilong.

“The first time I saw him, it’s as if I had known him forever.”