“Arrows on the bowstring” right on target with cast

Not rich enough for an all-star cast? Arrows shows that you can get an amazing cast without the A-list’ers.

I can’t express how  impressed I am with the casting director for Arrows on the bowstring 箭在弦上 .  They’ve managed to put together a perfect cast with both the looks, the charm and the acting at a bargain. (This was before Jiang Xin became popular for her role in Zhenhuan).

Starring Jiang Xin (Semi-Gods and Demi-Devils, Legends of Zhenhuan), Pan Zhilin (Old Home has Love, Fall in Love) and He Minghan as three siblings with amazing aims and a family to avenge, Jin Dong(Chuang Guan Dong), Wang Zirui and Zhang Na as the rich but righteous heirs of a local lord, and Chen Long (All Men are Brothers) as the bad guy, the drama will air on the 25th on Shenzhen TV.

Watch the trailer here and stills below the cut. Continue reading