Stars enter jianghu for Cosmo Glam Night 2020

All aboard the Ni Ni and Liu Shishi ship!

Cosmo Glam Night‘s photos took on the Fearless Jianghu theme, and they look pretty good. I just wish more actors had time to take these. Which looks are your favourite?

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The Queens releases Tarot card posters

Chen Qiaoen

Singer Annie Yi makes her directorial debut with The Queens 我是女王, which follows the lives of three best friends (Song Hye-kyo, Joe Chen, and Wu Junmei) as they try to gain control of their own lives. The film also stars Shawn Dou, Joe Cheng, Jerry Yang, Jiang Wu, and guest stars newly-weds Annie Yi and Qin Hao. The film is set for a November 6th release. Trailer below and character posters below the cut and here.

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Liu Yifei plays Diao Chan’s daughter in upcoming movie The Assassins

A year after playing the tragic Yu Ji at the beginning of the Han dynasty, Crystal Liu Yifei now takes on the dual role of Diao Chan and Diao Chan’s daughter as Cao Cao usurps the power of the Lius in The Assassins 铜雀台*. (Admittedly, she’s rather suited for playing ancient beauties). The movie is lead by Chow Yun-fat as Cao Cao, who is supported by Alec Su as the puppet emperor Liu Xie (aka Emperor Xian.) Annie Yi plays Xian’s ill-fated consort, Empress Fu. Hiroshi Tamaki takes on the role of Mu Shu, the childhood sweetheart of Diao Chan’s daughter (Lingju). I’m assuming he’s the “eunuch” who helps Empress Fu and her father Fu wan plot against Cao Cao, because the other Mu Shu of Three Kingdoms is a general who was killed by Lingju’s father, Lv Bu. Together, he and Lingju train to become assassins against Cao Cao…Character posters can be found below, with some more here. Watch the MV for the theme song (“Waiting for Snow”) sung by Liu Yifei here. Continue reading

High School Musical still sings for BOBO; Lu Yi joins the brotherhood

Huayi's Jane Zhang and BOBO at the recent Baidu Awards, where they took away a combined number of five awards

Huayi's Jane Zhang and BOBO at the recent Baidu Awards, where the three took away five awards

Once upon upon a June night, news first surfaced about a High School Musical starring BOBO. After months of inactivity, when almost everyone forgot about the movie, today, in an interview during Huayi’s 2009 Plans Press Conference, BOBO mentioned the movie again.

BOBO’s “Always Ready” to climb the ladder of success

Also during the press conference, it was revealed that Huayi Brothers brought management company Long-D, which means that former Long-D stars like Lu Yi, Tian Liang, Jessey Meng and Annie Yi will now belong to Huayi.  It also announced its partnership with the Italian sportswear company Kappa.
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