The Affectionate Country releases trailer

Yeah… I’m pretty sure if I could afford a desk like the one you have, I would spend more time studying too…

The Overly Affectionate Country has finally released a trailer after being backed up since filming in 2013 (almost as far back as the dynastic era).  This Qing dynasty melodrama stars Gao Yunxiang (Yu Zheng’s Mikey He replacement from Palace: The Lost Daughter), Hou Mengyao, Anita Yuen, etc..  This rendition follows the Shunzhi Emperor, father of Kangxi, as he meets the future Consort Donggo in the countryside.  Watch as their love struggles to uphold itself through Han-Manchu tensions and envious harem competitors and eventually gains the recognition Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang (See The Legend of Xiao Zhuang).  This happy conclusion happens just in time for the two leads to conveniently be swept away by an epidemic of small pox.  The end.

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Celebrity parents line up for future “Where are we going? Dad”

Lu Yi and his 5-year-old cutie.
Lu Yi  wants to  take  his daughter on adventures for the show

As “Where are we going? Dad” becomes the cutest show of the year,  celebrity dads are all expressing interesting in taking their “little monsters” on adventures around China.   So far Li Yapeng (daughter with Faye Wong) , Yu Quan‘s Chen Yufan (son with Bai Baihe), Wen Zhang (daughter with Ma Yili), Lu Yi (daughter with Bao Lei), Julian Cheung (son with Anita Yuen),  Xu Zheng (daughter with Tao Hong), and Huang Lei (daughter with Sun Li)   have all indicated to the press that they would be interested in going future seasons if their kids agree.

Hunan TV plans for two seasons of the show next year. Which pairs would you like to see the most? Which ones are your favorites this season?     I’m personally hoping that one of the seasons will be the currently pair and then one season the new pair.