A six-step guide to falling in love with Babymonster An Qi

I have a lot of biases in Youth With You 2, but Babymonster An Qi is the one I need to become a star the most. Every moment she’s on the stage is her screaming to the world they’re missing out by not looking at her.

A five-step-guide to falling in love with An Qi, although I think I did it in at most two. First, just watch how smooth both her movements and expressions are while dancing:

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Youth With You 2’s Rule Breakers Photoshoot

Kiki Xu Jiaqi is my #1 visual for the show.

Everyone looks amazing in this “new rules” photoshoot for the current top nine of girl group competition Youth With You 2. I’m guessing the inspiration is rule-breaking high school mangas like Crows Zero to go with this season’s theme of not defining girl groups.

Although they aren’t currently my ideal nine, this group of nine will still be my favorite lineup for a competition idol group by far and I love them all so much.

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