Weibo Wednesday: June 3, 2015

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen announce relationship

李晨: 我们

The biggest news this week? Fan Bingbing and Li Chen announcing last Friday that they’re in a relationship. The two got close while filming The Empress of China (武媚娘传奇), though they didn’t portray a couple in that drama. This is the first time in her 19-year-long career that Fan Bingbing has publicly admitted that she was dating someone.

Their fairly low-key approach to announcing that they were dating — they simply uploaded a photo of them on Weibo with the caption “Us” — has been replicated throughout the Weibosphere in the few days since. Most of the usage has been tongue-in-cheek, such as Jiro Wang with the Incredible Hulk and a random netizen who somehow got actor Lee Pace to hold up fake marriage certificates with her.

Anyway, congratulations to Fan Bingbing and Li Chen, and I hope they don’t let all the rumors about their past relationships drag them down.

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Meteor Shower shows off Super Boys’ composings

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

Other than exceeding almost everyone’s expectations in terms of acting, scenery and script, Meteor Shower’s other big plus is its music. The OST also shows off eemedia’s composing talents by featuring at least two (possibly four) insert songs composed by their very own Wei Chen and Lu Hu.

Wei Chen is the co-composer/co-producer of his official insert song – “Replacement lover.” Lu Hu wrote the background vocal, which Wei Chen also sung. He also has another insert song called “Rain Marks” that he composed himself that’s not in the official OST but at a little after 3 minutes in this trailer. Lu Hu composed Zhang Han’s insert song, for which he is also the background vocalist. And if this trailer is an indication of the insert songs in the drama, the song at around 13 minutes is called “that idiot is me.” That song is also composed by Lu Hu, with Wei Chen writing the lyrics.

Wei Chen and Lu Hu aren’t the only Super Boys releasing self-compositions recently. Allen Su Xing also released his present for the 60th birthday of the PRC, named China China:
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Want to be the next Super Girl?


Allen Su - singer, composer, air-guitarist, and Super Girls host?

Ever wanted to become famous, meet hot and talented guys, and get covered by CFensi?

Well, if you’re a girl, here’s your chance. Super Girls 2009 has been officially approved. Get ready for commercials, MV’s and potentially talented singers to begin rolling in.  EE Media CEO Long Danni has stated that through this competition, in addition to singers, they will be also be looking for budding actresses and those that excels in other areas. Some of the Super Boys will also be co-hosts for the regional contests of Super Girls. The finale is scheduled for mid-August. Visit the online sign-up site here.  Anyone interested in trying out? Come on, you can be the next Li Yuchun.

Super Girls commercial #1

Learn more about changes to this year’s Super Girls and see more photos of the Super Boys filming the advertising MV for Super Girls 2009 below the cut.
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Time to witness a miracle



“And now, it’s time to witness a miracle.”

With those words, Liu Qian aka Lu Chen ends his performance like he always does.  Liu Qian, China’s favorite magician, was one of the two performers  (the other one being Xiao Shenyang) that made their big break during this year’s CCTV New Year Gala. With his popularity came the rise of magic shows all across China.

The first of those is  Hunan TV’s jin pai mo shu tuan/Golden Magic Troupe. The show, hosted by Wang Han, invites amateur magicians to come and compete for a chance to apprentice one of the four judges – Liu Qian and three magicians from Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico. Think Super Girls/Boys for magicians.

Allen Su sings and composes the theme song, It’s the Magic. Download the MP3 here.
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