Kwai Lun-mei Rocks It; Feng Xiaogang Evaluates Peers


The girl with the name that I will never know how to romanize properly but still love, is dabbling in singing with her quirky song “Hello Microphone”, theme song to quirky movie “Not All Women Are Bad”, in which she plays a quirky singer. I use the word quirky a lot because I don’t know any other adjectives for the movie. I wish I could call it good, but If You Are the One‘s director Feng Xiaogang has apparently monopolized that adjective for the season. But can he write lyrics??

Gui Lun-mei – Hello Microphone (lyrics by movie’s director Tsui Hark)

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Ten Most Anticipated Chinese Movies for Holiday Season

Just because China is a largely agnostic country doesn’t mean it doesn’t like its winter holidays, and while I doubt China celebrates Thanksgiving, around this time the streets in China are starting to get lined with Christmas decorations and it becomes a busy time for movies. This was actually a very weird year for the Chinese movie industry because of the Olympics, and much of the production activity was halted for China so I’m not sure how these movies would have been affected, but hopefully some of them will surprise me and hopefully some of them will live up to hype. Some of you may be wondering, am I actually on hiatus? I don’t know. I have a few more posts lined up though, so maybe not. :P


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Thank you to Bluelily for the making my header!

She was nice enough to make me many, many headers (and alert me to the existence of something called my spam box), and so this is a thank you post for doing all of that. This header features the cast of the movie All About Women, which used to be called Not All Women Are Bad, a much a cooler title in my opinion, and it is probably the movie I am looking forward to the most for the rest of 2008 because it seems like a throwback to the old classic Hong Kong comedies that were so great once.


It also represents this site well I think, with its three leads from the mainland, Taiwan, and HK (Kitty Zhang Yuqi is actually from Shandong, China but she got famous in HK because Stephen Chow can basically make anyone famous) who like to coordinate what they wear for their promotional events. Considering the fact that I think Zhou Xun is probably the best actress of her generation in China, and that Guey Lun-mei is perhaps the best of hes in Taiwan, this should be at least worth watching just for that, although the movie Blood Brothers had the best young actors from China, Taiwan and HK and that wasn’t very good. But that was men, and this is the women.