Photoshoot Friday: Ready to leave summer?

Isn’t Li Bingbing adorable in this picture (and it’s so summery/almost fall looking, too!)? It’s from her latest photoshoot for Grazia, look under for more. Zhao Wei really shows off how good jewelry can look as she dazzles in red for Bazaar Jewelry, while Alan wants to vie for the title of the snow queen in her frosty photoshoot. Xu Dongdong wears tulle white, and If you needed any more preparation for winter, look at Gao Yuanyuan prepping with white plumes.  Continue reading

Music Monday: May 5, 2014

Music Monday 2014

I’m back! I realize the last time I posted anything was back in February. So… Lets ease back into Music Monday again. But first I would like to introduce two new discovery of sort. 1) Music Radio Billboard Chart and 2) CCTV Global Music Chart.

Music Radio Billboard Chart has been around for a few years, but the webpage was never that visually appealing. The chart is now separated into Mainland, TW/HK, and new releases. Then there’s CCTV’s brand new “live” music performance program Global Music Chart first aired in March. While not all the performances are for new songs, but I’m not going complains about finally having a show dedicated to musical performance and promotion. Like its counterparts (Music Station/Inkigayo) a winner is crowned at the end of each episode based on SNS votes, text, and audience votes. I hope they include digital and physical sales later to promote legal music download/purchase.

Speaking of music award, it’s music awards season again! Yinyuetai held their 2nd annual award show a few weeks ago. The award show itself wasn’t all that interesting, basically anyone who decided to attend got an award, but there were some great performances. QQ Music held their first music awards show this year. Finally the all important Music Radio Annual Top Billboard Charts and The Chinese Music Awards 全球华语榜中榜, which were both held in late April.
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Photoshoot Friday: May 24, 2013

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Thanks to SJZGloria for our new header!

It doesn’t matter how well she did on X-factor; Alan still shows us a brilliant smile. Sun Li got to welcome summer in bright clothing for one of my favorite magazines (Marie CLaire), while Liu Shishi is one step ahead and already at a beach. Zhang Lanxin adds the obligatory dash of sexy to our weekly post. Wang Xi seems to be dressed up like a bird and Yuan Shanshan actually doesn’t look too bad as a tomboy. Luo Jin’s most amusing picture involves two zebras. Nicky Wu and Liu Sidan are adorable as they flirt for their shoot. Zhang Han is worldly for Cosmopolitan, and Jiang Kaitong shows off how pretty she is at a ceramics house in Tianjin. Guo Zhenni seems to be reliving her youth in a carousel shoot. Jiang Jianfu would like to be a flower boy, but it doesn’t seem to be working, and Gulinazha just laughs at him.

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Alan auditions for X-Factor China

Tibetan pop diva Alan Dawa Dolma 阿兰·达瓦卓玛 attended Hunan TV’s X-Factor auditions accompanied by a five-person entourage.

This time, the professional singer was immediately recognised by judge Zhang Ziyi. “You’re the one who sang the theme song for the Red Cliff movie, right?” she asked as the audience oohed in recognition.
The former Avex star acknowledged her professional credentials but confessed her dislike for being known only as a soundtrack singer. “I don’t like that everyone qualifies my identity with something in front of my name,” she lamented. “‘Oh, she’s that Red Cliff singer, Alan.’ ‘Oh, she’s that InuYasha singer, Alan.’ ‘Oh, she’s that Bu Bu Jing Xi singer, Alan.’ I don’t like it.”
She continued: “I came here because the past is the past. I want to start anew. I hope everyone will support me.”

Alan belted out her own song, Hū Huàn 呼喚, while judge Eason Chan looked on, unimpressed, as Alan hit her signature high notes to the audience’s applause.

Eason cares little for Alan's Tibetan-style vocals

Eason cares little for Alan’s Tibetan-style vocals

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YinYueTai’s 1st Awards Show

Look! It's Chinese, It's English, it's bilingual logo!

Look! It’s Chinese, It’s English, it’s bilingual logo!

Yinyuetai have been steadily gaining love from fans since it’s opening in 2009 due to its high definition MVs and reliance. The legal music video promotion site have also gained much support from music professionals; not only are the MVs legally uploaded by the company, but fans can also use the site to share fancams of their favorite eye-candy. After realizing the popularity of the weekly/monthly V-Chart ranking among fans, yinyuetai decided to have a REAL award show (where artists actually go on stage and perform and accept awards in front of fans!)

In a music award show the performance is always the best part! So let’s start off with some cute and pretty fluffs:

Popu Lady, who were probably present to represent their shijie S.H.E (Best Group Award for TW/HK region) performed Lady First from their debut EP. The performance by the ladies is followed by the equally pretty boys from TimeZ and the party boys from MIC. Continue reading

News Roundup 7/25/09 – 8/2/09


Fusion Band

After being inactive for half a year, Fusion will be back with a second album. When asked why the long absence, their company said that they’ve been concentrating on their next album which is reaching the end stages of its production. Now they’ll be starting performances again to warm up for their new release.

This is probably the best music news in this batch, the rest are just sad ones about company matters.

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News Roundup 7/12/09 – 7/24/09

Argh I waited too long to post this…massive pileup of news. This was such a headache to all get in here.


BOBO was kept busy recently with the release of their show, NONSTOP, and celebrated their two year anniversary with the release of a new photo diary that I’ve already added to my list of goodies to buy. They also wrote loving speeches to each other.

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News Roundup 7/2/09 – 7/11/09

This is a really big post, so check it out !


Chen Kun and Yuan Quan sponsor a jewelry brand in style at an event, with Yuan Quan in white riding a horse, and Chen Kun giving her a ring, like a modern day prince and princess, except that pretending to  marry was really awkward for them. Normally I wouldn’t care, but it’s two actors that I like, both of which whom actually have really nice singing voices and I’ve long wished they would collaborate in something like a musical. They will be working together, but instead will be in a HK film.

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The 28th Hong Kong Film Awards


Of the four promotional posters for this event (best director, actress, actor, newcomer), I decided to use the one for best newcomer, because Xu Jiao (CJ7) looks so adorable in the center

The eligible films are those where two of the following occur: the director is a Hong Kong resident, at least one film company is registered in Hong Kong, and at least six persons of the production crew are Hong Kong residents.

And the winners are…

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Alan’s new single first on Oricon Charts

On April 12th, Alan’s new single River of Eternity placed first on the Oricon’s Singles Chart, successfully beating Faye Wong’s record as the most highly ranked Chinese artist on the Oricon Charts.  River of Eternity is the Japanese theme song to Red Cliff, and the single includes both the Chinese and Japanese versions of the previous songs.

Alan was so happy that she shed tears of joy. At the same time, she was very humble, crediting her success to that of Red Cliff.

River of Eternity, Japanese version:
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