“Where are we going? Dad 2” raises record 483 million RMB


If you think  “Superwoman” Cindy is adorable, you’re in good company. Her fans already include Faye Wong,  Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Qiao’en, MingdaoHawick Lau, Wei Chen, Qi Wei, Wen Zhang, Aska Yang, and Li Yuchun.

The show that’s captured viewers with an 89% approval rate  has also captured  the hearts of sponsors, breaking not only viewership ratings but also record sponsorship fees.  Their latest ad sale for season 2 saw the sponsorship go to Yili milk for 312 million RMB, the highest ever for a sponsorship (the second is The Voice of China 3 at 250 million).     This is on top of 171 million RMB of three partnerships, not to mention potential product placement revenues (season 1 had frozen goods, toothpaste, milk, beddings, and cars sponsored) and actual ad revenue to come later. 

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I hear “Where are we going? Dad” is on!

The new record is just one of many in China’s accelerating TV biz. Sponsorship fees have multiplied 20 times since 2005.  

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