Fusion Band Will be Performing at People’s University

Yes, this is an indie-filled day. This is another “indie” band I’ve wanted to post on for a long time and today there was finally a bit of news on them even though it wasn’t much. They will be in Beijing on 12-6 performing at People’s University for 800. Fusion, for those who haven’t heard of them are a four 1985-born guys who became the first mainlanders that Taiwanese music mogul Jonathan Lee signed in 2006. They’re more known outside China than in I feel in (you can buy their album at YesAsia, probably only because it was recced by their company), and they’ve not really been promoted very well at all. I’m not sure that this latest gig of theirs is going to do them any favors but at least they are active. Somewhat.

Their band’s leader singer Leakey and the blonde guy, Tao write almost all of their songs although one track in their debut album was written by A-yue Chang, which is the one I’m posting a video of since the other song with MV wasn’t one of their best, imo. At least you can get a sense of their style and Leakey’s unique vocals. A-yue Chang raps in the vid too.