A Round Trip to Love the latest in string of BL works


The main lead before they stole the over-exposed filter from Revive.

Now that investors have seen the path to riches and fame through a string of BL dramas that have shot to fame, it seems like we’re seeing an influx of them.  The latest, net film  A Round Trip to Love 双程  stars little-known actors (as usual)  Gao Taiyu, Huang Jingxiang, Xiang Hao, and Yi Shuai as the two main pairs. I think both pairs follow the classic possessive-CEO-meets-Cinderella story.

The series is based on the book of the same name by Lan Lin. Has anyone read this? I’m getting a creepy feeling from the overly possessive guy from the trailer.  On the positive side, the trailer is English-subbed, which means the film will probably be, too.