A Bite of China Season 3 to air during CNY

“Taste life through food, taste China through film.  A Bite of China returns.”   – Season 3 slogan

Season three of the documentary series that tells the story of China and its people through their food, A Bite of China 舌尖上的中国, has released a trailer. The series will air during the 2018 Chinese New Year to maximize the number of ugly cries they get from those of us who are away from our families.

After a four-year hiatus, the series was revived under a new producer. Like the previous seasons, it’ll feature eight themed episodes, each directed by a different director. Based on the trailer, the most interesting food so far is the fried chrysanthem. Hopefully the new season will live up to the previous two.

Weibo Wednesday: April 23, 2014

夢想家林志穎: 那天给kimi剪完“男生头”,他高兴地摆各种POSE。我说,哇!你现在像爸比一样头发了!kimi说,不是嘢,我是李敏镐!囧……求评鉴:新发型到底像谁?#4700万粉丝礼物#

Remember last week, when Jimmy Lin tried giving Kimi Lin a haircut and thought he’d totally ruined his son’s new hairstyle? Well, turns out things didn’t end so badly after all…

That day I gave Kimi a “boy haircut,” he happily did various poses.
I said, Wow! Now your hair is like Daddy’s!
Kimi said, No, I am Lee Min-ho!
Embarrassed… I ask for an evaluation: Whose hairstyle does his new hairstyle resemble? #gift for reaching 47 million followers#

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“A Bite of China 2” releases poster!


Did you know the first series is available both subbed and dubbed?

China’s most anticipated sequel of 2014, A Bite of China 舌尖上的中国 2will air during Chinese New Year’s in 2014 on CCTV 9.  The  documentary series that explores the stories of nature, culture, and history through food continues artist Zhang Facai’s posters with a “farm fields scroll”, depicting  plants in a farm as characters written on bamboo scrolls.

The new season  will consist of seven episodes –  《Seasons 时节》 as in summer and not in salt、《Foot steps 脚步》、《Heart’s message 心传》、《Daily domestics 家常》、《Realm of Secrets 秘境》、《Encounters 相逢》 、《Three Meals 三餐》.