“A Bite of China 2” every bite as good as anticipated


This is a China of great changes. People and food move faster than they did at any other time. No matter how quick their footstep, how uncontrollable their reunions and separations come, there’s always a taste that uses its own unique way to remind us on our tongue thrice a day: “Focus on where you are going tomorrow, but never forget where you came from yesterday.”

-A Bite of China 2, Episode 1:  Footsteps

From the young man climbing over 40 feet for his brother, to a father who spends five years to learn to fish for his daughter, to the last of the dying occupation of wheat cutters,  “A Bite of China 舌尖上的中国 2” continues to be the food series that brings you to tears with its superb story telling.

Episode one hit over 6 million views on Youku alone in one day (for comparison, episode one of Palace III has received 10 million views in ten days day). It has also partnered with Tmall to sell foods related to the show. Even the two very well-crafted and intense trailers for ep.2 have 1 million view.

The series, a rare weekly run on CCTV 1 and 9,   can given a lesson to Hunan TV on what a good weekly show would look like.

Honey is always sweeter when made with family.

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Weibo Wednesday: April 23, 2014

夢想家林志穎: 那天给kimi剪完“男生头”,他高兴地摆各种POSE。我说,哇!你现在像爸比一样头发了!kimi说,不是嘢,我是李敏镐!囧……求评鉴:新发型到底像谁?#4700万粉丝礼物#

Remember last week, when Jimmy Lin tried giving Kimi Lin a haircut and thought he’d totally ruined his son’s new hairstyle? Well, turns out things didn’t end so badly after all…

That day I gave Kimi a “boy haircut,” he happily did various poses.
I said, Wow! Now your hair is like Daddy’s!
Kimi said, No, I am Lee Min-ho!
Embarrassed… I ask for an evaluation: Whose hairstyle does his new hairstyle resemble? #gift for reaching 47 million followers#

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“A Bite of China 2” releases MV, to air on Friday

Warning: do not watch when hungry!

Warning: do not watch without food!

April’s most anticipated sequel (sorry, Bu Bu Jing Qing) is finally coming! The 8-episode sequel to the hit documentary “A Bite of China” will air on CCTV on Friday after a two months delay in production. The series, a story of Chinese food, but more important the people behind the food, was one of China’s biggest hits in 2012, and marked a major comeback for the very underrated CCTV 9 documentary channel.   If you haven’t watched, season 1 is readily available on YouTube with both English subs and dubs.

I teared up just watching the beautiful behind the scenes extra MV below. While you’re waiting, I highly recommend CCTV’s documentary Peony 牡丹, which uses a similar method of using an object (this time the Peony) to tell stories of both individuals and society, their history, and their dreams. The narrator and production teams also overlap.  Are you excited, or are you already screaming in joy?

News round-up


  • Former Marvel CEO, Shanghai Film Group  to create Terracotta super hero.
  • Production set for US-China coproduction The Moon and the Sun starring Fan Bingbing as a mermaid captured to the court of 17th century France.
  • Ann Hui’s The Golden Era releases posters. The bioepic on author Xiao Hong stars Tang Wei, Feng Shaofeng.


  • Yang Mi is three months pregnant with Hawick Lau’s kid.
  • Tong Liya, Chen Sicheng  hold a traditional wedding on Happy Camp
  • Top Combine former member Li Mao joins Huace (New Duke of Mount Deer, Semi-gods and demi-devils) ,  stars with BBFF’s 70 in a self-made film Joker.
  • Lee Jinglei bakes cookies, I wish Wang Leehom was hugging me.

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