TV Round-up: Internet series special


That awkward time when a low-budget Internet series like Death Notify has a better poster and script than you.

This post features a string of fairly well-rated Internet series that are obviously written by males… Is it just me or are Internet series much more sexist than normal ones, or is the sexism just more blunt?

  • Superpower comedy  Girl in Icebox 冰箱少女 begun streaming  on QQ and features Guo Xiaoting (potato girl from CP3) as a girl with a super brain found by Wang Chuanjun. The two discover more people with superpowers, attend  Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, battle against evil, and probably fall in love.
  • Suspense comedy Death Notify: The Darker 暗黑者 is yet another QQ series from the team of comedy Longmen Express 龙门镖局 . Blunt humor combined with decent logic (it was based off a book), if low production values.
  • The Making of a Villain 谢文东/坏蛋是怎样炼成的 is yet another Internet series with a cult following. I heard good reviews about this, as well, if you ignore the anachronistic setting (Republican, but everyone acts as if they live now).
  • Finally, the team of Never Ever Expected brings you High-Tech Girl : Meow~  高科技少女喵, where the Boss from Yes, Boss! finds a girl robot named Meow that his future self had built.

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“One and a half summer” releases trailer

Look! The sky is falling!

Look! The sky is falling!

The first of a string of upcoming series starring  Korean boy/girlband members, One and a half summer 一又二分之一的夏天 features 2PM’s  Nickhun, Jiang JinfuXu Lu, and Miss A’s Meng Jia.  Set in Xiamen University (where Meteor Shower was filmed), the series tells of an ABC (Nickhun) who returns to China to seek a girl he had met. Along the way he meets the boyish Xu Lu and bff Jiang Jinfu, who is most recently comforting Victoria Song in upcoming series Adventures in Cocoon Town 茧镇奇缘.

The series is scheduled to air this summer on Dragon TV. Trailer below.